Aiyana’s Dreams is an annual campaign in May hosted by BLM Philly that honors, recognizes and remembers Aiyana Stanley-Jones who was killed by the Detroit Police Department Special Response Team on May 16, 2010 while she slept on her grandmother’s couch.

Please check out the flyers and be a part of our Love Campaign. This year the campaign will last through July 20th, when Aiyana would have turned 18.







Black girls and women are only 13% of the female population but account for a third of all women shot to death by the police.*

*Source The African American Policy Forum’s #SayHerName campaign

In remembering Aiyana we also remember the other black women, trans women, femmes, and children lost to us at the hands of the state. We say their names to honor their lives and demand justice.


The Official Black Lives Matter Chapter in Philadelphia

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